Team Backpack MULA Cypher 2015

Team Backpack 2016 MUNY Audition

"When I started rapping, my friends would call me Mr. Freeze because of how "cold" my bars were, and it's stuck with me ever since."

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Crazy Not Stupid

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Born December 20th and growing up in upstate Ny Freeze never quite felt like he fit in. He quickly turned to music, crediting southern rock and heavy metal as an outlet because of the story telling and felling it invoked. Searching for more outlets he quickly found the streets and a new sense of "family". The lifestyle he was living combined with the rhythm and word play made him an instant fan of hip hop. He found himself in numerous legal battles which ended him up in prison. Upon his release in 2004 he began to take music much more seriously as an artist. He heavily credits Redman, Method man, Jay Z, Tupac, Biggie, Outkast, KRS-One, Naught by Nature, Kool G Rap, and numerous others for his style of music today. Now being a father of five and having consistent recognition as an old school hip hop purist, he hopes to continue living his life with his two greatest passions, music and family. 



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