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RICO FLY          R.I.P   9/9/1984-9/11/2014


                Was born Stephen Sampler in Atlanta, Georgia on Septemeber 9th. Going by the performance name Rico Fly, Rico was not always at the stage in life. At a young age Rico was drawn to what many what see as a not so good crowd. With an adult frame of mind and an older brother to couple it with Rico was exposed to many things early in life. By age 9 Rico and his mother were presented with the possibility of behavioral issues. Not wanting to medicate her son she told him he needed to find different outlets that are positive. Young ladies did well at distracting him for awhile, until one day he went to a friends house that had a home studio and seen the magic of music first hand. "I will never forget that moment, my friend putting the beats together and said 'Lets see how you sound on the mic.'" Rico was resistant at first, but then got on the mic. Feeling the music flow through him he came out with bar after bar had has been "a slave to my art ever since."

                 Stephen tragically and unexpectedly passed away on September 11, 2014, two short days after his 30th birthday. His music and his legacy will continue to live on. His beautiful spirit will never be forgotten and his voice will always be heard.


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