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Fitted for the Crown



Tempa 2x

                              Tempa 2X is a rapper from Poughkeepsie NY. Poughkeepsie is a small city with big city problems, forcing Tempa to deal with the realities of street life such as crime and violence at a very young age. Though Tempa has had numerous run ins with the law he remains a devoted father to his 5 year old son. Tempa's devotion as a father is only rivaled by his dedication to the rap game. Against all odds Tempa's determination and strive for a better life for him and his family keeps his work ethic strong.

                                Tempa has two solo mixtapes and has featured one numerous other works. His most recent mixtape "Fitted For The Crown" showcases his talents and experience more so than any of his previous works. Extremely talented in engaging the live audience Tempa has performed with the likes of Kotton Mouth Kings, Snow Da Product, and Dizzy Wright at events such as Fight To Unite Tour and Shyrans Showcase in Atlanta, Georgia.  Check out Tempas work below.